Reversible semi-mounted ecologic plough CHRHSMP

Reversible semi-mounted ecologic plough, with hydropneumatic safety system, from 11 up to 14 bodies,  manufactured using top-quality materials which offer an exceptional performance and designed so that crop residue can be turned or buried with minimum tillage, under any conditions and on any kind of land.

The work depth reached by this equipment ranges between 10 and 30 centimeters, the separation between plough bodies prevents clogging, irrespective of the amount of stubble. With adjustable working width by points, oscillating head, reversible point, conventional or slatted mouldboard. This equipment can work inside and out of the furrow.

General Features
Mod. Kg m C.V. / H.P.
CHRHSMP11 11 4080 1,6 180-220
CHRHSMP12 12 4280 1,6 200-250
CHRHSMP13 13 4480 1,6 220-270
CHRHSMP14 14 4630 1,6 250-300
Optional equipment
Double pneumatic front control wheel 18*7 16PR
Pneumatic back control wheel 200/60 – 300/65 – 320/60
Pneumatic control and transport wheel 200/60 – 300/65 – 320/60
Transport lock bolt
Slatted mouldboard
Blade heelpiece
Extra-long ploughshare
Long heelpiece
Extra-long heelpiece
Extra bolted body