With the goal of to make a purchase more adjusted and more profitable, in the new plough purchasers, there are different technical aspects to evaluate based in the necessities of the destination farm.

More than 20 models, many options, optional adaptable elements depending of necessities, shape the big family of ESCUDERO ploughing equipment. All of them, with their specifications, reversible, fixed, are intelligent developing, designed depending on the lands where they are going to work, tractor power, work depth and final performance.

As well as universal solutions, in ESCUDERO we have studied in fieldwork the performance of each machine, offering specific solutions for each kind of work and land. The multidisciplinary reply, it manages us to use ploughshares, skimmers, mouldboards, anchors, safety systems leading in the market. Only so, the vegetables waste treatment, the covering and pulling up weed, the turning land, the penetration in hard soils, or the work performing in very damp zones, are details that distinguish the ESCUDERO ploughs of others.

RHP Reversible mouldboard plough


Reversible hydropneumatic mouldboar plough. From 2 up to 6 bodies.

RFP Reversible mouldboard plough


Reversible fuse mouldboard plough. From 2 up to 6 bodies.

RFP Reversible Maize mouldboard plough

RFP Maize

Reversible fuse mouldboard plough. Special for maize. From 2 up to 6 bodies.

mouldboard plough rbp


Reversible leaf-spring mouldboard plough. From 2 up to 6 bodies.

RFL Reversible mouldboard plough


Reversible fuse mouldboard plough. From 2 up to 4 bodies.

mouldboard plough fixed fb


Fixed leaf-spring mouldboard plough. From 3 up to 7 bodies.