MIXER MX, from 3 up to 5 meters, fixed or hydraulic folding, with maintenance free leaf-spring Non Stop suspension safety system, arms distributed in 3 rows. The leaf-spring incorporated in this kind of plough provides robustness and durability, guaranteeing the maximum performance of the machine.

The separation between rows, the separation between arms, together with their height, allow the crop residue buried in only one passed, thank amongst others, to the elements which has incorporated in the anchor, such point, wings, deflectors, levelling discs with shock absorbers, and different kind of roller (leaf-spring, bar, rod).

General Features
Mod. m C.V. / H.P.
MX300 10 * 3,00 120-150
MX350 12 * 3,50 140-160
MX350 12 ** 3,50 140-160
MX400 13 ** 4,00 160-190
MX450 15 ** 4,50 190-220
MX500 17 ** 5,00 200-250
* Fixed
** Hydraulic folding
Optional equipment
Pneumatic control wheels
Signs kit
Rod roller
Bar roller
Leaf-spring roller
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