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Legal Advisory
1. Objeto. is a domain in Internet of HERMANOS ESCUDERO's ownership , With Head office in Pol.Ind. de Dueñas, Ctra. Burgos-Portugal Km.99, 34210 - Dueñas (Palencia) ESPAÑA, telephone: 979.780.980 .
The utilization of this web site involves the acceptance on the part of the User of the conditions of use included in this Notice. In case certain contained services and / or tools offered across this "Portal" were needing of the application particular these conditions they will put at the disposal of the User.
On the other hand, HERMANOS ESCUDERO warns that, both the contents and services of this web page and the own conditions of utilization, they can be modified without previous notification.

2. Conditions of utilization.

The User compromises himself to that, in the paragraphs in which it is necessary that is registered to be able to accede to the same ones, facilitate veracious, exact and complete information on his identity. In addition one promises to keep updated the personal information that could be provided to holder of the domain, therefore, only one responsible for the falsehoods or inaccuracies that it realizes.

It informs that in case of being a minor it will have to obtain the permission of his parents, tutors or legal representatives to be able to accede to the given services. HERMANOS ESCUDERO does not take responsibility in case the information on this topic is inaccurate or false.

The "portal" only can be used by legal intentions therefore the user binds to do a lawful and honest use of the portal and in conformity with the present General Conditions of Use, to Spanish legislación not use the services of the "portal" for the accomplishment of opposite activities to, to the morality and to the public order, assuming on the part of the user all the responsibilities of hurts and prejudices opposite to the holder of the domain or third parties that could stem from illegal or not allowed practices enter others and to title enunciativo and not limitative:

  • To realize without previous assent on the part of the holder of the domain any manipulation or alteration of this page, not assuming the holder of the domain any responsibility that could stem, of the above mentioned manipulation or alteration for third parties
  • To realize any act that it could damage, render useless, overload, or spoil the Portal and the services and / or prevent the normal use and utilization on the part of the Users
  • To introduce and / or To use programs of computer, information, defective files, virus, malicious code, IT equipments or of telecommunications or any other one, independently of his nature that could cause hurts in the Portal, in any of the services, or in any assets (physicists or logicians) of the holder's information systems of the domain
  • To violate the rights of third parties to the intimacy, the own image, the protection of information to the secret in the communications, to the intellectual and industrial property.
  • To conceal and to falsify the origin of messages of e-mail
  • To use false identities, to supplant the identity of others in the utilization of the Portal or in the utilization of anyone of the services
  • To reproduce, to distribute, to modify or to copy the content of this page, except that of he has the authorization of the holder of the domain or is legally authorized.
  • To transmit to not authorized third parties the User's names and the keys of access

HERMANOS ESCUDERO does not answer from the Links (LINKS) to other pages of Internet of third parties and his existence does not imply that HERMANOS ESCUDERO approves or accepts his contents and services. These other web pages are controlled by HERMANOS ESCUDERO nor covers by the present Politics of Privacy. If he accedes to other web pages using the proportionate Links, the operators of the above mentioned web sites will be able to gather his personal information. One assure that it is consent to the Policies of Privacy of these third web pages before facilitating no type of personal information. With general character, the holder of the domain, excludes his responsibility for the hurts and prejudices of any nature and nature that could stem from the use of the web site of, as well as to the hurts and prejudices derived from the infraction of the rights of Intellectual and Industrial property on the part of the users and / or the lack of veracity, accuracy, and current importance of the contents, will not even be able to be demanded from him responsibilities by the interruption of the service, inadequate functioning or impossibility of access to the service.

The holder of the domain will not be responsible for the hurts and prejudices caused by the presence of virus or any other harmful software that could produce alterations in the IT system of the User.

The web site, including to title enunciativo but not limitative, his programming, designs, logos, text and / or graphs are a property of the lender or in his case he has license or authorization expresses on the part of the authors.

Independently of the purpose for which they were destined, the total or partial reproduction, use, exploitation, distribution and commercialization, it needs in any case of the written previous authorization on the part of the holder of the domain.

The user promises not to realize any act in opposition to the rights of intellectual or industrial property of the author.

The lender authorizes expressly that third they could forward directly to the concrete contents of the web site, having to forward in any case to the principal web site of the lender

3. Protection of Information.

Of conformity with the in force Organic Law 15/1999 of Protection of Information, HERMANOS ESCUDERO informs that the information of personal character of the Users of the web site will join and treat in a file property of HERMANOS ESCUDERO and that it will be managed exclusively for the purpose described in every form or way of response. On having touched the button "TO "SEND", the User consents to the treatment of his information on the part of HERMANOS ESCUDERO

HERMANOS ESCUDERO compromises himself to that the information of personal character requested will be the strictly necessary ones to carry out the demanded service. It will inform him in his case of the obligatiry nature to facilitate certain information, without which it would not be possible to carry out the presentation.

Equally, HERMANOS ESCUDERO, as person in charge of the file, promises to support the secret and the confidentiality on the Information of personal character that are facilitated to him, adopting for it all the necessary measures of safety that avoid his loss, modification without assent or not authorized accesses, in agreement with the Regulation of Development of the LOPD approved by the Royal decree 1720/2007, of December 21.

Likewise it informs the User who at any time can exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition recognized in the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, 1999, of Protection of Information of Personal Character, notifying it to HERMANOS ESCUDERO

On the other hand, in agreement with arranged in the Law 34/2002, of July 11, of Services of the Company of Information and of Electronic Trade, HERMANOS ESCUDERO promises not to send advertising across the e-mail without having obtained before the express authorization of the addressee. The User will be able to be opposed to the sending of advertising marking the corresponding cabin.


( THE FIRST CASE) The company does not use cookies HERMANOS ESCUDERO declares that there does not use any automatic procedure of withdrawal of information to guard the record of the Users who visit his web page since can be "cookies", "spyers" …

( THE SECOND CASE) The company does not use nowadays Cookies but it contains several direct links to other pages that it does not control / or wants that a brief warning appears on the Cookies.
HERMANOS ESCUDERO can use Cookies that assemble information about the preferences of the Users. The Cookies facilitate neither the name of the User nor any other information of personal character except that the own User facilitates them of voluntary form.
The User can establish that his navigating program warns him of Cookies's receipt and is capable of preventing his installation on the Hard disk.

(THE THIRD CASE) The company uses Cookies
HERMANOS ESCUDERO uses automatic procedures of withdrawal (Cookies) to assemble personal information since it can be the type of mariner or operating system, page of reference, route, domain ISP (Internet supplier), etc. All this in order to improve the given services. The Cookies help us to adapt this one web page to his personal needs.
HERMANOS ESCUDERO guards all the information gathered across the Cookies in a not personalized format. This type of information obtained across the Cookies will not be revealed out of HERMANOS ESCUDERO, not used for not requested communications.
The Cookies located in his computer do not contain his complete name, but IP's direction. After the session of the User finishes, the information contained in the Cookies already will not be at the disposal of HERMANOS ESCUDERO Can form his navigating program so that he warns him of the presence of cookies before accepting them or, directly, to form it in order that it rejects them automatically, in whose case can that it does not have access to all the services of this web site. The button of "help" of his mariner will indicate him how to do this.
It does not need to have installed cookies to use or to sail on certain parts of this web page or of other HERMANOS ESCUDERO' pages
Remember that if it uses different computers in different places it will have to insure that every navigating program is fitted to his preferences on the use of cookies.

The present Conditions will be ruled at all time for arranged in the Spanish legislation.



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